dowry demand has to be in relation to marriage

Excerpt: the definition of 'dowry' under Section 2 of the Act, 1961 mere demand thereof would not be an offence under Section 4 of the Act, 1961. It should either be given or agreed to be given at or before or after the marriage in connection with the marriage. Although in common parlance one very often uses the term … Continue reading dowry demand has to be in relation to marriage

498a discharge by telangana hc

Excerpt:Having heard both the counsel and from the perusal of the material on record, particularly, the charge sheet what all that is stated against the petitioner herein is that A-1 to A-4 demanded LW.1 to get additional dowry of Rs.3 lakhs for doing business and demanded LW1 to sign on diverse papers to enable the … Continue reading 498a discharge by telangana hc

498a quash against mother in law

EXCERPT:  The most important material that has to be considered by this Court is the statement of LW1 in this case, who is the defacto complainant. The only allegation made against the petitioner is that this petitioner and the sister-in-law used to give ill-advice to the husband of the defacto complainant. The other allegations made … Continue reading 498a quash against mother in law

Marriage Expenses Not Dowry

Excerpt: The amount payable towards marriage expenses, according to us, has no characteristics of dowry within the meaning of Section 2 of the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961. Dowry under the aforesaid Act refers to a property or a valuable security given by a party to marriage or his or her parents to the other party to the … Continue reading Marriage Expenses Not Dowry

inadmissible evidence 494 quashed

Excerpt:At the stage of taking cognizance of an offence and summoning a person as an accused thereof, it is required that the facts constituting the commission of the alleged offence be brought on the record of the case. At that stage of the proceedings the Court has simply to feel satisfied that there was prima … Continue reading inadmissible evidence 494 quashed