Jeetendra vs state of HP

Excerpt: There is no mention as to on the set of the shooting of which film, 'X' met the petitioner, which led to the occurrence of the alleged incident. 'X' has not stated as to who were the two male Film Industry colleagues who travelled alongwith the petitioner and 'X' from Delhi to Shimla in … Continue reading Jeetendra vs state of HP

Ramesh Chand r Versus State of Himachal Pradesh

Excerpt:Interestingly, apart from above, there is no explanation worth the name on record that what prevented the complainant from making complaint either to the police or Gram Panchayat from August, 2004 to 9.4.2005, which inaction on the part of the complainant certainly compels this Court to draw an adverse inference against the complainant, who, admittedly, … Continue reading Ramesh Chand r Versus State of Himachal Pradesh

Prem Dass And Anr. vs State Of H.P

Exceprt:Recording of the FIR on 10-6-1987, whereas the occurrence took place on 6-6-1987 and that too when the police called P. W. 1 to the police station where P. W. 1 was alleged to have made the statement Ex. PA on 10-6-1987. No explanation for this delay has been made. This aspect of the matter … Continue reading Prem Dass And Anr. vs State Of H.P

State Of Himachal Pradesh vs Pawan Kumar

Excerpt: It is a settled position of law that there should be reasonable nexus between cruelty and suicide. It has to be substantiated, established and proved on record. Cruelty by itself would not amount to having committed an offence punishable under Section 498-A IPC. A reasonable nexus has to be established between cruelty and the suicide in … Continue reading State Of Himachal Pradesh vs Pawan Kumar

State of H.P vs Krishan Kumar

Excerpt:t While ascertaining the guilt of the accused, if any, under Section 498 of the IPC, it needs to be determined/inferred by considering the conduct of the man, taking into consideration gravity or seriousness of his acts and to find out as to whether his aforesaid act is likely to drive the woman to commit suicide etc. … Continue reading State of H.P vs Krishan Kumar