Niraj Trivedi vs State Of Bihar And Ors.

Excerpt:Cr.P.C. specifically provides for the jurisdiction of Police Stations regarding registration of FIR and investigation of case. The FIR can be registered even if a part of the crime has taken place within the jurisdiction of that Police Station. If the crime is spread over the various Police Stations, then FIR can be registered at … Continue reading Niraj Trivedi vs State Of Bihar And Ors.

Archana Aggarwal vs State

  Delhi High Court Archana Aggarwal vs State on 24 May, 1993 Equivalent citations: II (1993) DMC 23 Author: S Pal Bench: S Pal JUDGMENT Sat Pal, J. 1. This is a petition under Section 482 of the Criminal Procedure Code (for short called 'the Code') for quashing of proceedings pending against the petitioner, who is the … Continue reading Archana Aggarwal vs State