Jeetendra vs state of HP

Excerpt: There is no mention as to on the set of the shooting of which film, 'X' met the petitioner, which led to the occurrence of the alleged incident. 'X' has not stated as to who were the two male Film Industry colleagues who travelled alongwith the petitioner and 'X' from Delhi to Shimla in … Continue reading Jeetendra vs state of HP

Manu Nischal & Ors. vs State Of Nct & Anr

Excerpt:  Accusations of demand of dowry against petitioners No.2 to 4 as made out from the complaint are: a. A car was demanded by petitioners No.2 to 4. b. She was harassed for non-fulfilment of the demand .c. Complainant was severely and mercilessly beaten and thrown out of the house after her husband had left … Continue reading Manu Nischal & Ors. vs State Of Nct & Anr