Madhu ahmed vs state of telangana

Excerpt:Either from the FIR or the statement of the victim/LW-1 recorded by the Police on 29-01-2017, no-way mentions any specific overt act so far as against A-2 and A-3; mother-in-law and sisterin-law of the defacto complainant concerned but for a stray allegation in the two pages statement at Page No.2, line Nos.4 and 5 of … Continue reading Madhu ahmed vs state of telangana

Excerpt: For accused to face trial for an offence there has to be grave suspicion and not mere suspicion or an allegation. In the present case apart from bald allegations, evidence does not reveal grave suspicion of the petitioner having committed the offence under Section 506 or 509 IPC. Delhi High Court Hari Kishen Sharma vs State & … Continue reading

R.Jeeva @ Rajesh vs State

Excerpt: JUDGEMENTS CITED: 1.(2010) 1 SCC (Cri) 1015 (Manju Ram Kalita v. State of Assam) 2. (i)(2008) 3 MLJ (Crl) 776 (Rajan v. State rep. by Inspector of Policer, Central Crime Branch, Tiruppur and (ii)(2008) 3 MLJ (Crl) 929 (Prakash Bachraj Jain and another v. Mani Textile Traders rep. by its Partner, Babu (a) Boommannan, Komarapalayam, Tiruchengodu … Continue reading R.Jeeva @ Rajesh vs State

R.Jeeva @ Rajesh vs State

Excerpt: Madras High Court R.Jeeva @ Rajesh vs State By on 20 November, 2013 IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT MADRAS Dated: 20.11.2013 Coram THE HONOURABLE MS. JUSTICE K.B.K.VASUKI Crl.R.C.No.570 of 2013 and M.P.Nos.1 and 2 of 2013 1.R.Jeeva @ Rajesh 2.K.Ramalingam 3.R.Santha .. Petitioners Vs. 1.State by Inspector of Police, W27 All Women … Continue reading R.Jeeva @ Rajesh vs State