State Of Rajasthan vs Ramanand

Excerpt:In view of medical evidence on record, the deaths could never be termed as a case of suicide and consequently the conviction of the respondent under Section 306 was wholly unjustified. At the same time there is nothing on record to conclusively establish that the respondent was the author of the crime. The circumstances on record do … Continue reading State Of Rajasthan vs Ramanand

Ranganatha vs State Of Karnataka

Excerpt:The best witness to speak about ill treatment on the deceased was some body form the neighbourhood of the accused.None of them is examined. There is no scope for compounding of the offences alleged against the accused once the charge sheet is filed, but any move for compromise or settlement before registration of complaint need … Continue reading Ranganatha vs State Of Karnataka

Smt Sawariya and ors vs state of U.P.

Excerpt: No specific role has been assigned to accused/appellants Smt. Sawariya, Siroman, Pheran and Arjun for demand of dowry. Name of the accused-appellants who demanded buffalo and Rs. 20,000/- cash as dowry have also not been specified by any of the witnesses of prosecution. General allegation of demanding dowry has been made against husband, his … Continue reading Smt Sawariya and ors vs state of U.P.

Ramesh Babulal Doshi vs The State Of Gujarat

Excerpt:The matter can be viewed from another angle also. If really the appellant had committed the murder inside his flat, as is the prosecution case, he would see that evidence which may implicate him w as not available to the prosecution. In this case it was not at all difficult for him to remove the … Continue reading Ramesh Babulal Doshi vs The State Of Gujarat

Ram rao vs state of maharashtra

Excerpt:I am of the considered opinion, that the evidence on record is grossly inadequate to record a finding that Anita was subjected to cruelty. The evidence of PW 1 that he was told by Anita that accused 1 demanded Rs. 3,000/- as marriage expenses, is inconsistent with the evidence of PW3 that according to Anita … Continue reading Ram rao vs state of maharashtra