Supreme Court of India State Of Uttar Pradesh vs Singhara Singh And Others on 16 August, 1963 Equivalent citations: 1963 AIR 358, 1964 SCR (4) 485 Author: A Sarkar Bench: Sarkar, A.K. PETITIONER: STATE OF UTTAR PRADESH Vs. RESPONDENT: SINGHARA SINGH AND OTHERS DATE OF JUDGMENT: 16/08/1963 BENCH: SARKAR, A.K. BENCH: SARKAR, A.K. HIDAYATULLAH, … Continue reading

  Supreme Court of India Shivappa vs State Of Karnataka on 29 November, 1994 Equivalent citations: 1995 AIR 980, 1995 SCC (2) 76 Author: A Anand Bench: Anand, A.S. (J) PETITIONER: SHIVAPPA Vs. RESPONDENT: STATE OF KARNATAKA DATE OF JUDGMENT29/11/1994 BENCH: ANAND, A.S. (J) BENCH: ANAND, A.S. (J) MUKHERJEE M.K. (J) CITATION: 1995 AIR 980 … Continue reading

  Supreme Court of India Shankaria vs State Of Rajasthan on 26 April, 1978 Equivalent citations: 1978 AIR 1248, 1978 SCC (3) 435 Author: R S Sarkaria Bench: Sarkaria, Ranjit Singh PETITIONER: SHANKARIA Vs. RESPONDENT: STATE OF RAJASTHAN DATE OF JUDGMENT26/04/1978 BENCH: SARKARIA, RANJIT SINGH BENCH: SARKARIA, RANJIT SINGH UNTWALIA, N.L. KAILASAM, P.S. CITATION: 1978 … Continue reading